Our Yaks

We currently have 16 Yaks living at Orfaguet, our small herd is growing and soon we have to divide the herd and make a small bull herd. Especially Hector, born in 2014 is behaving as a full grown bull and Boris, our 6 year old reproduction bull is heavily annoyed by Hector who does not seem to understand the hierarchy in the herd in full yet. Our first ‘home’ born bull Pimpernell (2012) is still much to shy to claim whatever place.

Hector by the way is so very very beautiful, he has the famous silver back a furry white shining line on his back, on top he is elegant and capricious and so very full of life. Contrary to Kareltje, who is much more  calm, a bull very much ‘on his own’ but you can already detect that Kareltje will become a magnificent reproduction bull. He has great and sturdy legs,  enormous head and horns and is the biggest and heaviest of last years Yaks. It is Kareltje (or Charlie for those non Dutch among you) who starts to play with Simone and is managing her company as a guardian herd bull should. OK, here are the pictures, they tell much more than words, no?

Hector (left) playing with Kareltje

Hector (left) playing with Kareltje



Kareltje guards Simone

Kareltje guards Simone



bulls growing up

bulls growing up



again Hector and Kareltje, aren't they fabulous?

again Hector and Kareltje, aren’t they fabulous?


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