Our domain (of around 30 hectares) lies on the sunny side off a valley. Begins at the middle of the hill and expands towards the plateau. We have a low part where our house stands and an upper part  where the main meadows are. There is a 280 steep meters difference in height between the two, which for now are only accessible by foot on what once was an old gallo-roman road (1km) or by car (18km) on the public road. The surroundings are amazingly beautiful, be it for the direct impressive view on the Puy Mary or looking over the valley. It has a  a guaranteed ancient or at least medieval atmosphere. Throughout the whole valley and on the plateau you can find traces of Celtic vestiges and villages.


We like to share Sam with you, he is from the next village, le Vaulmier, and is loud!

Sam, the man

Sam, the man

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